The Membership Membership

I’ve created “The Membership Membership”, a Membership that supports you in launching, growing, and retaining members for your business.

For just £35 a month, you’ll have access to me every week, monthly masterclasses, tech Q&As, and an exclusive Facebook community.

I’ve designed this to provide you with straight answers, support, and learning systems that make running a membership more accessible and more sustainable.

Membership Consultancy

I’m excited to help you elevate your community with my exclusive program.

We’ll have six personalised 1-1 calls to tackle your membership challenges and create a tailored success roadmap to either launch or improve

I’ll also help set up SOPs for your VA to run your membership smoothly.

After a deep dive into your membership over 12 weeks, I’ll provide ongoing support and monthly check-ins for just £500 a month.

Join me for this transformative journey for just £3.500.

Let’s revolutionise your membership together!

Membership Management

Do you have a membership that you just don’t have time to manage any more?

Need someone to take over the day to day admin so you can get back to doing what you do best?

But also need help with strategy to grow and improve the retention.

Then this is perfect for you.  You will get one of my team running your membership whilst I will be on hand to help you develop a strategy to grow the membership and retain the members you already have.

Start from £1150 pm