As you prepare to launch your membership service, you’re grappling with worries. You’re unsure where to start and how to ensure your future members receive enough attention amidst your busy schedule. Plus, the task of retaining members seems daunting. But remember, you don’t have to navigate this alone – there are resources available to guide and support you through these challenges.

I’m Sam, the membership expert. I’m a highly experienced Membership Manager and coach for those looking to learn more about creating thriving spaces online and I have worked in and with over 30 Memberships.  

I’m on a mission to help membership owners thrive through strategic membership initiatives, minus the overwhelm of those big launches. If you already have a membership but are struggling to grow it, don’t worry—I’m here to be your guiding light and help you turn things around! Together, let’s make some membership magic happen.

✨ What I Bring to the Table ✨

  1. Strategic Membership Development ✨
  2. Engaging Community Strategies ✨
  3. Tech Solutions for Launch Hurdles ✨
  4. Content Planning and Optimization ✨
  5. Empowering VA’s for Day-to-Day Tasks ✨
  6. Relationship Building and Networking ✨

Listen, I’m not one for cookie-cutter approaches. What I bring to the table is a warm, personable touch that’s tailored to your unique needs. If you’re feeling stuck and wondering how to breathe new life into your membership, I can help! I’m here to provide the guidance and strategies you need to overcome those growth hurdles and witness your membership soar to new heights.

Together, we’ll build a welcoming and inclusive community that resonates deeply with your audience, real connections will flourish, and growth will come naturally. So, are you ready to take that first step towards membership greatness? Let’s embark on this exciting journey together and build something truly extraordinary!

What one of my 1-1 clients say about working with me

Freya Hickey

Social Media Manager

Signing up to work with Sam was the best decision I have ever made for my business. She has helped me grow my monthly income and I wouldn’t be where I am today without her continuous support. The 1:1 calls are so helpful, and it’s incredible how much stuff we work through in just an hour. I also love the VIP group chat, as I’m able to ask questions and get responses from Sam and the other fabulous ladies! If you’re serious about growing and scaling your business, then working with Sam is a no-brainer!

Break down of how I worked with Freya and what your 12 weeks might look like.
  • We went through her business but also talked about what her life was like. How much time she had to work, and what needed to happen.
  • We figured out how much she actually needed to earn and then planned out how we could make this happen.
  • I looked at all the different ways she worked and discovered that membership was not the best thing for her right now, so we changed her focus from memberships to 1-1 work to increase revenue and give her some breathing room.
  • We also looked at her social media to fill in any gaps.
  • We now have a 6-month plan for Freya’s business, including when to concentrate on a membership.
  • So far, in 6 months, she has gone from earning £350 a month to bringing in over £2000 a month and is on track to take this to £5000 a month by the New Year.

When you work with me every person’s journey is different so it will be bespoke and depend on where you are in business.

But by the end of the 12 weeks, you will have
  • A plan for your business and which business model you should be concentrating on right now
  • know where the gaps are in your business and how to fill them
  • A strategy to get more visible ( this will generate more sales)
  • If needed a plan of how to launch and/or grow a membership.

If you would love to either launch, retain or grow a membership then let’s have a  conversation and make this happen.