5 reasons why your business needs a facebook group

Five reasons why your business may need a Facebook Group

Does your business have a Facebook page? Then you’ll know how difficult it is to get engagement and grow your following. This is why you might want to consider having a Facebook group.

Here’s my five BIG reasons why every business needs a Facebook group

1. It provides a safe space for your client and your members to share their opinions or ask for help and generally just be part of the community more than they would be if it was on your page.

2. Having a Facebook group provides an instant community of fans for your business so this means that you can test out and trial things with the people that you already know, that love what you do so it’s a great way to get feedback on new products or new services that you might be providing.

3. Having a Facebook group also helps to build trust and authenticity with your members. It is much easier to build trust with somebody when you can have a conversation than just a comment on a Facebook post on your Facebook page

4. Having a Facebook group for your clients means that you’re able to provide them with a first look of anything that you’ve got coming up.  So this is really good for a product business because you can essentially give them VIP access into your new products that you wouldn’t be able to do with a Facebook page

5. It’s a great way to collect content ideas for your other social media platforms. Often you’ll find the questions that your current members or clients are asking you, will be questions that other people need answers to. Use these questions and turn them into social media posts for your other platforms.