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Five reasons why you need to hire a community manager for your membership

You’ve built your business, have a reasonably engaged online following but you don’t have much time to spend in the community. I get it, there’s only so many plates you can spin as a business owner

Here are 5 simple reasons why you need a Community Manager (CM) when you have a community or run a membership.

Reason 1

One of the most important things when you have a community or run a membership, of any sort, is keeping your members happy. They are your customers. If they have questions, having someone on hand to jump in and guide them to the right place, takes the pressure off you, so you can get on with running your business. 

Reason 2

When your members are happy there is an added bonus. They become cheerleaders for you and will rave about you and your business or membership. There’s nothing more powerful  than a word of mouth recommendation. Having a CM stay on top of all the comments, responding to any issues – good and bad – is a sure way to make your members shout about you.

Reason 3

Attracting people to your membership or community is one thing. Retaining them is the challenge. Having a Community Manager will help you smoothly & consistently on-board new members and make them feel welcome. And if someone does decide to leave, can deal with any off-boarding process you have in place which means the person leaves with a positive experience of being a member (and will still recommend you) 

Reason 4

Put simply, a Community Manager becomes a brand ambassador for your business or membership. They deliver a consistent tone that builds the authority of your business or membership. People will be attracted to your business, safe in the knowledge that you offer the best possible care to your customers. 

Reason 5

And in a nutshell a Community Manager will help you grow your business. It’s no surprise that customer care can be the deciding factor between someone working with you and becoming a customer or going to a competitor. Having a CM is your right hand person, they have a front seat when it comes to hearing what your members are saying