Engagement tips

Five quick engagement tips for your Facebook group

The most popular question I get asked about Facebook groups, at least three times a week, is how do I get more engagement in my group.

Often a business will open a Facebook group, be super excited about it, get people in there….and it’ll be really busy for a few weeks. Then it will just go dead. It will be like a complete ghost town with no one talking and no engagement whatsoever.

 Here are my 5 quick engagement tips, showing you how to reignite a really quiet Facebook group

  Tip 1: Trial and Test

Often I see people posting the same post day after day and get no engagement. This is where people go wrong. Every group is different and what works for one, might not work for another. Don’t be scared to test out different types of post.

I will do future blog and with a list of the different types of posting you can try, so look out for that.

  Tip 2: Go Live

I know that lots of people hate the idea of going live. BUT if you have an established group, that has lost engagement, the quickest and the best way to get that back is to go live. People engage better with a human voice and being able to see you. 

Bonus tip–  when you go live make sure that you schedule an event. Remind your community when and at what time you’re doing it. You are more likely to get people showing up

 Tip 3: Keep It Simple

Your posts don’t need to be massive paragraphs or long essays of text. In fact this is probably going to put people off from engaging in your posts. The most popular posts I see are the ones that are short, to-the-point and easy to engage with. Remember that all of your posts do not need to be about business. Your members are people too

 Tip 4: Use Your Stats

Do you ever look at the insights in your Facebook group. If you don’t, you’re missing a trick. Insights show you the most engaged posts and what days/times are busiest. This can help you determine when it’s best to post in your group.

 Tip 5: Hold Back

I know this sounds a little bit counterproductive. However you are trying to build community and if you’re the first one to answer questions and jump in straight away then it will put other people off from commenting. It may make them feel like they don’t really need to comment at all. So if you see one of your members posting a question try and leave it a little while to see if anyone else jumps in to help. Obviously if no-one does then do answer the question but try it and see how it goes.