Working with business owners to launch, retain and grow memberships

Maybe you have an online course or coaching community and want to make sure your members have the support they need?

But you’re so busy delivering what you do it can feel like there’s so many plates spinning and you can’t keep up.

If you’re nodding your head right now, you’re in the right place.

I’m Samantha Hill, and I help online entrepreneurs launch, retain and grow their memberships.  

You don’t have to be doing all the things, all the time. Creating, selling, promoting, supporting, networking.

There are structures, systems, processes that can make it soooo much more manageable, which means that you can finally focus on what you set out to do in the first place: serving your members.


I’ve been running communities and memberships now for over a decade and I’ve learnt (the hard way!) everything there is to know about how to launch and grow sustainably.

I consult for some of the biggest membership-based businesses in the online world, and I want to serve and help MORE people to launch and grow their memberships so that they, in turn, can fulfil their dreams of impacting more people.

I can work with you 1-1 or via my two memberships.  TheMembership Makers or The Membership Membership 

Want to learn more about how I can help you?

Take a look at my blog  where you’ll learn how to take the stress out of managing your online communities.

Join The Membership Lounge over on Facebook for tips and advice on running an online space and network with like-minded entrepreneurs.

Or take my FREE online quiz and find out where you are at with your online community and/or membership.  CLICK HERE


I’ve created “The Membership Membership”, a Membership that supports you in launching, growing, and retaining members for your business.

For just £25 a month, you’ll have access to me every week, monthly masterclasses, tech Q&As, and an exclusive Facebook community.

I’ve designed this to provide you with straight answers, support, and learning systems that make running a membership more accessible and more sustainable.






I’m excited to help you elevate your community with my exclusive program.

We’ll have six personaliSed 1-1 calls to tackle your membership challenges and create a tailored success roadmap.

I’ll also help set up SOPs for your VA to run your membership smoothly.

After a deep dive into your membership over 12 weeks, I’ll provide ongoing support and monthly check-ins for just £500 a month.

Join me for this transformative journey for just £3500.

Let’s revolutioniSe your membership together!


Do you have a membership you just don’t have time to run anymore. 

Need a strategy to be able to grow the membership but also retain the members you already have?

Then you are in the right place.  Whilst one of my team take care of the day to day admin for you I will be on hand to help you develop a long term strategy to help you grow. 


What my clients say about me

Just a few of the ways I've helped them get on top of their socials

I hired Sam to help with community support in my pop up group as I was doing a challenge with lots of people involved.

It really took the pressure off me to know that I didn’t need to answer everything myself. Sam also pointed out things that were important for me to answer which was great.

If you know you’re having a busy challenge and launch I would now say getting community support is vital!

– Lisa Johnson –

We first hired Sam to be our matchmaker for our event, ATOMICON, with her role being to connect our attendees together.

She did such a great job we now work with her every month in our membership, ATOMIC, where she’s head of networking and matchmaking.

She does an amazing job connecting and welcoming members and managing parts of our community. If you have a community, then talk to Sam

– Andrew & Pete, Atomic –

John Williams

Helping people create a business they love, author of F**k Work

Shayla Peterson

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